Home Baking

Fresh home baked delights

Delicious home baking made fresh.

Delicious home baking made fresh.

The Corn Kist pride ourselves on the extensive range of home baking available. All baking is done in full view of the customers so you may pick up a few hints and tips. Table 7 is the best seat in the house if you want a really close look. The recipes are top secret and Elizabeth has not been known to part with any of them.

There are freshly baked scones every day and if you time it right you could get a HOT scone straight from the oven. Beware when ordering as they are rather large and can often prove a wee bit much but if you feel up to the challenge you are more than welcome. There is a wide selection of cakes available; there are also seasonal treats such as strawberry sponges and apple and mincemeat strudel.


The old favourite of Granny Gray’s gingerbread is available with butter or icing. We have fruit loaf packed full of all fruits that goes perfectly with a cup of Corn Kist Coffee. The tray bakes are every sweet toothed persons dream, caramel, toffee, coconut, marshmallows, Maltesers and most important, CHOCOLATE.

We also cater for the customers who require gluten free products, usually there is at least one option on the specials board but if you are very lucky there could be meringues. One of the favourites for the kids is Malteser tiffin but they can also indulge in a very chocolatey chocolate cake. For a small bite there are melt in your mouth shortbread biscuits perfect for a cup of tea. We hope you will find something you fancy on our extensive cakes menu.