Meat, Poultry, Game & Fish
meat pic

The fresh produce on the meat shelves in our chills is of the best quality. Whether it be locally reared pork or lamb raised in the Glens of Angus. We try to source from local producers or specialist smaller producers.



Batchelor Pork
Our pork is sourced from  a local farmer who has raised free range pigs for many years.  They now have a butchers shop and can supply us with all cuts. Pork steaks, sausages and bacon are always on the shelf but if you require something special just order in advance.

Locally reared beef
We buy our beef from a local butcher who always buys at the Forfar market.  You can check out the board that tells you where the beef was reared and what breed it is from.

Clova Lamb
The name speak for itself! Scottish Black-face Lamb reared on the beautiful hillside of Glen Clova and finished on the lowlands in Angus. Chose from shanks, racks, mince, diced lamb, roast gigot, gigot chops and rolled shoulder. Ideal for your Sunday roasts!

Venison sourced from Balquidder (Rob Roy’s farm) is always available in the freezer –  steaks or diced haunch, sausages and burgers.

Game such as duck (whole or fillets), pheasant (whole and fillets) partridge, pigeon (whole and fillets) is usually in our freezer. Duck and partridge get scarce by July and August.  Venison burgers, meatballs and sausages are favourites with our customers.

Mcleod’s Black Pudding
We have sold this famous black pudding since we opened in 1999.  One of our best sellers and it now has super food status!