Welcome to Milton Haugh Farm Shop

You can enjoy freshly-produced fruit and vegetables from our own farm and enjoy delicious meals and snacks in the Corn Kist Coffee Shop. We also sell conserves, deli products, dairy produce, meats and some wonderful and unusual gifts.

Milton Haugh Farm Shop

Purchase the freshest seasonal vegetables, fruit, and jellies in the area.

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Corn Kist Coffee Shop

Baking and soups are made of only the freshest ingredients right here on the premises.

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Carmyllie Collectables

See the exciting range of antiques and collectables we have on display.

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farmshopnewThe Farm Shop

Milton Haugh Farm Shop stocks the freshest seasonal vegetables and fruit.  We head through to the market to get what cannot be sourced locally.

With these lovely fresh vegetables we have on the shelves broth mixes and stock cubes, or ham houghs and boiling beef to make your pot of soup.

In the freezer there is always a wide selection of game. Lovely lean Duck, Pheasant, Pigeon (whole or breast fillets) and Partridge. Game can be ordered fresh when in season. There is always a selection of steak pies, mince rounds and cuts of beef.

Farm Shop Opening Times: Monday 9.30am to 3.30pm, Tuesday to Friday 9.30am to 4.00pm,

Saturday 9am-4.30pm and Sunday 10am-4.30pm 01241 860579 Keep up with our news on Facebook

These new opening hours start on 4th July 2022